DACC Homecoming Car Display

August 24, 2002

Preliminary balderdash:

If you would like a high-resolution version of any of these pictures please e-mail me at ncwitte@wittelaw.com. Be sure to identify the images you want by number. Be careful for asking for a lot of the high resolution images if you are on a dial-up connection because the images are large--approaching 2 MB in some cases. If you want a picture, please keep in mind that the numbers go with the picture following the number. I will respond as quickly as possible, but please be patient because I have a real job.

Click here for an example of a full resolution image. CAUTION: this image will take a long time to load.

Please note that it was not until image no.174-7416 that I realized I was shooting at 1600 ISO, so pictures with lower numbers will have a lot more grain than later images. Sorry. The better quality pictures start with the last image on page 6. Also, when I figured out what I did, I pretty much reshot all of the cars, so there are lots of duplicates.

I wish I knew more about the owners of these cars and their history but I am new to the chapter (as in, sent my check in last week) and don't really know a soul. My boys and I still had a great time and I did get a chance to talk to some very nice people before heading home.

There are ten pictures per page; images on these pages run in the 50KB range each. Note that some image numbers are skipped due to me deleting images that I wasn't happy with. I erred on the side of including as much as possible.


Page 1: Images 173-7340 through 173-7352

Page 2: Images 173-7353 through 173-7365

Page 3: Images 173-7366 through 173-7376

Page 4: Images 173-7377 through 173-7390

Page 5: Images 173-7391 through 174-7402

Page 6: Images 174-7403 through 174-7416

Page 7: Images 174-7417 through 174-7428

Page 8: Images 174-1429 through 174-7441

Page 9: Images 174-1442 through 174-7454

Page 10: Images 174-7455 through 174-7466

Page 11: Images 174-7468 through 174-7478

Page 12: Images 174-7479 through 174-7488

Page 13: Images 174-7490 through 175-7510

Page 14: Images 175-7513 through 175-7526

Page 15: Images 175-7527 through 175-7545

Page 16: Images 175-7550 through 175-7583

Page 17: Images 175-7585 through 175-7596


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