Clark's Corvair Parts Powertrain Dolly

At Steve Oxford's request I took these pictures of the Clark's powertrain dolly. The basic unit has two parts, and there is an additional adapter for motors with deep oilpans.

In this picture you can see all three parts: a little cart, a rack that attaches to the cart with two wing nuts and two bolts, and the adapter on top of that.

There are two sets of holes for the bolts and wing nuts. The set toward the middle of the rack is for mounting the motor alone, while the other set of holes are for mounting the complete powertrain. For some reason, even with the mufflers attached, the cart had a bit of a tendency to want to tip toward the transmission end.


The cart attaches to the motor by means of a long screw that goes into the threaded hole in the skidplate. Because there is no attaching hardware at the rear of the motor, the connection to the motor is a little shakey. I did not like that the adapter plate did not land neatly on either side of the oil pan bolts, but had to rest on the bolts on one side.

To install the drivetrain in the car, run a large floor jack under the cart. It is designed to trap the jacking pad. Then you jack the whole thing up in the air, and reattach the motor mounts.

With the added adapter plate, I had to get the car pretty high to get the motor under it. I counted nine cogs on my rear jackstands. I deliberately left the fronts a little low, and before we started raising the motor, we brought the back of the car down three cogs.

My overall assessment is that for the money this could be a better unit (surprising for Clarks). When I bought it I think I was told they were in the process of reengineering it.  On the other hand, it worked fine for us with no major problems, so I guess maybe I shouldn't complain. I'm sure it was much easier to use than a sheet of plywood and two floor jacks.

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