2007 Oldsmobile Homecoming

June 16, 2007

I have been attending the Corvair Homecoming show in Plymouth for several years now, but it is almost criminal that I haven't been attending the Olds Homecoming that happens right here in Lansing every year.   I remedied this oversight last Saturday, which also happened to be my eighteenth wedding anniversary.  I have the world's best, most understanding wife, by the way.

My oldest son Jake and I took our '63 Ninety Eight Holiday Sports Sedan.  Jake did the driving, which was an interesting experience.  He is driving on his learner's permit, and has a challenge that most 16 year olds don't face, since he drives six different vehicles, three of which are sticks.  I figure what doesn't kill him makes him stronger.  Anyway, there were over 500 various Olds models at the show, including a sea of Cutlasses.  A very small sampling appears here.

This picture shows my Ninety Eight and Larry Spicknel's '63 Starfire convertible.


A very clean '58.


This '59 Eighty Eight was immaculate, and yet still there was cleaning going on.  A very nice car.

I liked this '60 Eighty Eight four-door.

Interior of the same car.

Funky wide angle shot of a '67 Ninety Eight convertible.

One of two nice '70 Ninety Eight convertibles.

This '61 Eighty Eight sedan was very elegant in black with a red interior.

Interior shot of the '61.

There were a number of '66 Toronados.  I liked the burgundy paint on this one.

The perfect summer cruiser.

One of three 1970 W-31 Cutlasses on display.

This '64 Ninety Eight Luxury Sedan was equipped with air, power windows, antenna and seat, Guidematic self-dimming headlights, and was for sale at $2,000.


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