The Witte Times:  The mother of all Christmas newsletters

This is the home on the Internet of The Witte Times, proof positive that some people have too much time on their hands, and that "some people" includes me.

The Witte Times is a Christmas newsletter that started out modestly enough in 1994 as a two-page black and white missive.  It experienced a four-year hiatus and in 1999 re-emerged as a full color, four page wretched excess, which has been its status pretty much every year since then, except 2003, a three-pager the year my father died, and 2013, when we had three exchange students to cover in addition to the usual suspects and went to six pages.

I write and edit this thing in Word, which I must say is a lousy desktop publishing program.  I probably should use some other program, but here at The Witte Times, we're all about tradition, even when it involves punishment.

We send out somewhere around 400 copies of this monstrosity a year.

Volume 1:  1994

Volume 2:  1999

Volume 3:  2000

Volume 4:  2001

Volume 5:  2002

Volume 6:  2003

Volume 7:  2004

Volume 8:  2005

Volume 9:  2006

Volume 10:  2007

Volume 11:  2008

Volume 12:  2009

Volume 13:  2010

Volume 14:  2011

Volume 15:  2012

Volume 16:  2013

Volume 17:  2014

Volume 18:  2015

Volume 19:  2016

Volume 20:  2017

Volume 21:  2018

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