I have owned this red '65 Corsa for 25 years.  That's longer than I have been married, longer than I have had kids.  It's had three paint jobs (one involuntary) dropped at least two valve seats, had three sets of carpet, three engine rebuilds, two interiors, two sets of rims, twelve carbs and a slew of factory radios. 

The car has gone through years where it sat, years where it was in the shop, and years where I drove the wheels off of it.  It's been to four CORSA International Conventions and three DACC Homecomings (although I have been a CORSA member since 1985, I didn't become active until relatively recently).  

Throughout it all, I've pretty much kept her stock, with a few minor indiscretions.  The most obvious deviation is the Motor Wheel Spyder rims.    I think, however, it might be time for a change.

So my plans, not carved in stone, are to make some upgrades.  The goal is to create a more modern, more comfortable driving experience, while at the same time keeping the appearance as stock as possible, and keeping the essential Corvair personality.

So here's the list of what I hope to accomplish.  As I get things done, I'll post more, and hopefully links will appear below with pictures and details.




That's all I can think of for now.  I plan on posting these stories on the CORSA Facebook page and www.corvairforum.com, in addition to updating here on my webpage.


Part 1:  Tentative Steps and Preliminary Inquiries, September 16, 2012.

Part 2:  Actual Physical Work Commences, October 9, 2012.

Part 3:  Carpentry for the Car, October 13, 2012.

Part 4:  Burial of the Ninety Eight, January 4, 2013.

Part 5:  Reloaded, February 28, 2015.

Part 6:  later that same day...., February 28, 2015.

Part 7:  The moment of truth.  March 1, 2015.

Part 8:  Pet-Proof Screen.  March 14, 2015.

Part 9:  Console Design.  March 28, 2015.

Part 10:  Wheel pondering and hanging out with Bruce.  April 18, 2015.

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