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Corvair Stories

Adventures in Corvairdom (listed in chronological order):

Legends of the Engine Compartment: A heartwarming story of tragedy and redemption August - October 2002

Detroit Area Corvair Club Homecoming 2002: A bigger car show than the Dust Off August 2002

TinkeringA feeble attempt to rekindle the "Legends" magic October - November 2002

Convertible Quest: How not to buy a car January - February 2003

2003 Spring Dust Off: Some pictures from a car show May 2003

Vert Ventures:  Screwing around with the Evening Orchid Monza March - August 2003

Aircooled In Carlisle 2003 CORSA International Convention July 2003

Windows 64 The klueless install a rear window in Jim Neal's '64 convertible January - March 2004

Wild and Wet at Waterford I take the Corsa for a spin -- literally May 2004

Just Horsin' Around2004 CORSA International Convention June 2004

Turbo Odyssey: The latest boondoggle--who knows how it will turn out? June 2004 - February 2006

Shuffle off to Buffalo: 2006 CORSA International Convention July 2006

Concoursphobia:  Trying out the concours scene at the 2006 DACC Homecoming August 2006

Seat Track Extender:  My life as an aftermarket parts supplier February 2007

Where It All Started2007 CORSA International Convention July 2007

Upgraded:  Corsa Coupe 2.0 September 2012 -

The Vair Force:  Visiting the Grissom AIr Museum August 27, 2014


Timeless features without a specific date:

Clark's Corvair Parts Powertrain Dolly: A fool and his tool

Color My Vair A photographic Corvair palette in progress

Corvair Sketch: A modest drawing for my son

Gallery: 1965 Corvair Corsa 140 Coupe: My pride and joy

Gallery:  1965 Corvair Corsa 180 Convertible: My pride and joy II

 GROUP Red: Where the Jackstand is King

Three 1965 Corvair Fisher Body Build Tags Mysteries of the universe

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Oldsmobile Stories

1999 Oldsmobile AuroraMy latest acquisition

Oldsmobile Homecoming 2007 Lots of Oldsmobiles, and a few Cutlasses, too

Something Extra The longwinded story of the restoration of a really big car

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Imperial Stories

My Imperial StoryWhy I needed another tank - June 6, 2013

Datainfo on the new yacht - June 6, 2013

Instrument Panel Restorationadventures in pain - June 12, 2013

Imperial Heart Surgery:  freshening the motor, and some other stuff - September 26, 2013

1968 Imperial Crown GalleryHey, some pictures!

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Mercedes Stories

The Mercedes Index Page:  From the Department of Redundancy Department, another way to find these links.

InventoryAll the pictures I took when I first found the car in April 2014.

Auto-BiographyThe story of my 280SL.

Gallerymore pictures of the Mercedes.

Cadillac Stories

1990 Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan Day OnePictures of my new cheap ride

Family, Travels and Other Interests

Gallery:  1971 Sea Ray SRV-180Carpe Throttle!

Battle of Midway DioramaJake gets an A in social studies

"Behind Enemy Lines" Book Report Diorama:  A not-yet-crashed airplane

Indian Summer I miss you, dad

Lewis and Clark Diorama some time in the country

Pioneer Village Diorama fun with foamcore

Photo Gallery:  Family, travels, and (what else) some car pictures

"Shipwrecked" Book Report Diorama another vessel in distress for a school project

The Toy BoxJust more pictures of the stuff I already posted

Two Days in Vegas Lost and wandering in the desert

The Witte Times: The mother of all Christmas newsletters

Three House Pictures The construction of an entire house--in just three pictures!

Pirouette:  Listen to one of the songs Caitlin recorded the day before she turned 13

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